Quest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a customizable resource to manage mental health and substance abuse that may affect your employees and their families to optimize job performance.

  • Mental Health & EAP Statistics

    • 15% of employees will experience a mental health or substance abuse problem that will impact their job performance including tardiness, absenteeism, and higher accident rates.
    • US Department of Health and Human Resources reports that over 80% of employers report improvement attributed to EAP services.
    • For every $1 invested in EAP Services, employers see a $3 return in increased productivity and reduction of employee problems (source: US Department of Labor).

Quest Employee Assistance Program

Quest’s custom-built EAP Program is designed to help employees help themselves by facilitating timely access to mental health and substance abuse counselors and therapists within our behavioral health network at a lower cost than terminating, rehiring and retraining employees. Quest boasts a 24/7 call center with licensed, doctoral-level clinicians and trained member services representatives to help employees navigate the often-overwhelming task of finding confidential behavioral health resources to address their personal problems without impacting their professional performance.

To enhance your EAP Program, Quest also offers Work/Life services, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), and Training and Staff Development to optimize employee performance and empower managers and supervisors to strengthen your organization and drive success. These services are available with every EAP Program by Quest.