Confidential, professional EAP Counseling sessions help you and your dependents live a healthy, productive life.

EAP counseling sessions are a free service to employees and their families who may be struggling with tough life events. These no-cost, confidential counseling sessions can address any issue impacting your lives such as chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, and personal or family challenges.

Quest Behavioral Health has discontinued the requirement for EAP benefit authorizations effective 2/1/22. However, we encourage EAP members/providers to continue to contact Quest to:

  • Confirm eligibility
  • Number of sessions
  • Plan effective dates
  • Whether EAP benefits apply on a per family or per family member basis

If an EAP provider requires proof of EAP benefits, members may request an authorization by completing a EAP Authorization Request Form or calling Quest at 800-364-6352 or 717-851-1480.

Find an EAP Provider suited for your unique needs near you using our online Provider Search or by calling Quest.

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