Quest Behavioral Health was created in 1997 with a vision of providing quality behavioral healthcare to employees in the Central Pennsylvania region. That vision has helped build an exceptional reputation and trust in our area as a leading behavioral healthcare administrator. Since then Quest has expanded our services to include Employee Assistance Programs throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Quest Behavioral Health is dedicated to the provision of quality services in the evaluation and treatment of its members through its extensive network of behavioral health specialists and treatment facilities. Quest will ensure timely access to service providers, including required follow-up treatment, to address the specific needs of our members. Through efficient use of resources, including the adept use of information technology, Quest provides more cost effective services to health plans, employers, and their employees.

Quest Behavioral Health strives for the highest level of quality in all aspects of our organization. Quest's rigorous commitment to quality standards results in superior customer, employer and provider services. This commitment is driven by the vision and strong values upon which Quest has been built.