Integrated Services

Self-insured employers are eligible to take advantage of our integrated services. By combining our Quest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with our administration of benefits service for behavioral health care, employers enjoy more affordable rates as well as more effective and efficient use of their mental health and substance abuse benefits. 

Many times the timely use of EAP services can prevent a problem from getting out of hand and resolve the issue without ever having to use behavioral health benefits. This confidential counseling service that requires no co-pay from the member diminishes some of the inhibiting factors and enables members to seek help more easily. 

If additional services are needed beyond what the EAP provides, Quest offers seamless transitions for members.  Our clinical case managers work closely with our network providers and advocate for the patient. They ensure clinically sound practices are used to help resolve the patients’ issues and return them to a healthy and productive lifestyle as soon as possible. We make sure they receive the level and specialty of care that is best suited to their needs so their benefits are not needlessly expended.

This integrated approach to behavioral health care has proven to be very effective and cost efficient, helping employers to contain their benefit costs while ensuring their employees and family members receive the care they need. It truly is a win-win opportunity.