Why Quest?

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Quest provides employers with the administrative, financial and clinical support they need to offer high-quality, cost-effective benefits to employees and their families. Because Quest is centrally located, we are able to offer lower administrative costs, which ensures a greater percentage of your premium dollars are spent on clinical care and personalized services to you and your employees.

It is beneficial to help employees function at their top performance level. Personal problems cause absenteeism, tardiness, higher accident rates, faulty decision making, and an overall decline in work performance. It has been proven that helping employees to help themselves is much less costly than firing, rehiring and retraining.

Many everyday life stresses can negatively affect employee attendance and concentration, general workplace morale, and employees’ ability to perform well on the job. Each year, an average of 15 percent of your employees will experience a mental health or substance abuse problem serious enough to require professional attention. At such a stressful and confusing time, finding the right kind of care can be overwhelming. Quest Behavioral Health is designed to help your employees and their family members find their way to high quality behavioral health care that will meet their individual needs.

To learn more about how Quest can assist your organization with Employee Assistance Programs and Behavioral Health needs, contact Philip Graham-Bell at 717.851.5357 or pgraham-bell@questbh.com.