Telemental Health & COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Quest is temporarily loosening some restrictions on telemental health:

• During the coronavirus state of emergency, if you are unable to see members face to face, please use a HIPAA compliant telemental health platform to the extent you are able to do so. You do NOT need to complete a telemental health attestation if this will only be used during the state of emergency. However, if you plan to use telemental health after the crisis has ended, please complete an attestation form (in the Telemental Health Standards Packet below) and submit to Quest Provider Relations by email at

• If you or your clients are unable to access such a platform, Quest will temporarily allow phone sessions, effective immediately. This will end once the state of emergency has been lifted by the governor.

• Please use your best judgment and discretion in safe guarding your clients’ privacy. This includes informing clients that privacy cannot be guaranteed over cell phones and social media platforms, such as FaceTime, Duo and Skype.

• Quest will NOT cover sessions over Facebook, Twitch, TikTok or other public facing applications.

• Once the COVID-19 state of emergency has been lifted, you may only treat patients through face to face appointments or, if approved by Quest, through a HIPAA compliant telemental health platform.

Quest continues to be operational in receiving and processing claims. Due to government workplace restrictions, we ask that you submit claim inquiries through our website,

Quest is concerned about the potential for members’ mental health and chemical dependency needs to go untreated during this pandemic. Our first priority is helping employees and family members — many who are on the front lines of this crisis — to stay safe and receive the help that they need. Thank you for the care and support you give to our members. If you have any questions, please give us a call: 800-364-6352.


Solo Provider Telemental Health Standards Packet


Group Practice Telemental Health Standards Packet